You don't always need a pickle fork when replacing front suspension parts like outer tie rods and ball joints.  While it's nice to have the correct ball joint separator tool (especially the version for air hammers), most of the time you can break the ball joint or tie rod end away from the steering knuckle with a few properly placed blows from a large hammer.

First, make sure the vehicle is properly supported in a manner that would allow for part removal and safety.  Then remove any cotter pins, and loosen attaching nut about half way.  When removing ball joints, it's best to leave the nut on in case there is any unexpected spring tension on the control arm.  After the ball joint breaks loose from the knuckle and all load is off the nut, then you can finish removal.

To break the part loose, you don't hit directly on the part, rather you aim the hammer blows at the portion of the knuckle where the stud of the part runs through the knuckle.  The knuckle and stud have a concave shape and really hold tight even when the nut is removed.  By hitting the knuckle you distort the fit slightly which causes the release of the parts.