Overuse of RTV silicone on both sides of a gasket is almost always a sign that a do-it-yourselfer is in the area.  

Silicone does a decent job at sealing, but not so well as a gasket adhesive.   Not only is it messy, you'll be lucky to get your part installed without the gasket shifting out of place.

The pros all know the best way to hold gaskets in place.  It's called weatherstrip adhesive.  It's available at most auto parts stores in the same area you find RTV and other gasket chemicals.

In the trade, most people refer to it as "monkey snot."  Once you use it, you'll understand why it's called that.

applying "monkey snot"


Place a little weatherstrip adhesive on one side of the gasket (or the part itself) position the gasket in place and give it a minute to dry.  You can then apply your silicone and begin assembly.


gasket glued in place

 This gasket will remain in place for the life of the part.

 Note: For the demanding user, a spray of similar adhesive quality is also available.