When Disconnecting and Connecting a 12 Volt Car Battery


When disconnecting a 12 volt automotive battery, remove the negative terminal first.  Removing the ground terminal first, minimizes the possibility of shorting the positive terminal to metallic tools and under hood components.


 When connecting a battery, connect the positive cable first.  This helps to prevent damaging voltage spikes from back feeding through your electrical system.


In conclusion:  Remove the ground cable first when removing a battery.  Attach the ground cable last when installing a battery. 


Warning - always wear personal protective equipment when handling automotive batteries

Always wear approved shielding to protect eyes, face and body when working near a battery. 

Never expose a battery to flames or sparks.  Batteries (especially when charging ) can form explosive hydrogen gas.  Any ignition source could trigger a violent battery explosion.

Remove all jewelry before working around batteries.  Jewelry worn on the hands can easily short between the positive battery terminal and metallic tools.

Note:  This is not a comprehensive list of battery handling precautions.  Consult with your vehicle and battery owners manual for additional safety guidelines.