Take the Mess Out of Packing Wheel Bearings

If you do your own brakes then you've probably had to clean and re-pack wheel bearings. This is a chore most of us don't care for. If you have a bearing packer it makes the job a lot easier. The old fashioned way involves holding a handful of grease in one hand and smacking the bearing into the glob of grease which forces grease into the bearing and all over both of your hands. It gets the job done, but it's messy!


  Packing bearings the messy way


Now here's an easier, cleaner way to pack bearings

Step one.

Put on a clean unpowdered rubber glove and grab the bearings that need to be packed. If you're allergic to latex, Nitrile gloves will work just as well.



Step Two.

With bearings in hand, reach in and grab a generous amount of wheel bearing grease.


Step Three.

With the other hand, carefully pull the glove off leaving the grease and bearing on the inside of the glove


Step Four.

Squish the grease in and around and bearings for a while. Make sure to work the grease into the bearings.