Automotive DashboardThis Site is the fault of Chris Bede...

As self proclaimed "Tipmaster", Chris founded AutoTips101.Com in 2008, so he could begin storing all of his automotive repair tips and tricks before they were forgotten forever.  Good or bad, they're all here.  Now, Chris is going one step further by actively seeking tips from other techs.  If you're gullible enough to help this guy, there's a special page just for you.

"Occasionally we're treated to an ah-ha! moment."  Some cool little tidbit of know-how that make us better techs for the next day.  Often we develop a certain technique only after normal methods fail us.   Some of those unique methods are worth sharing.  That's what AutoTips 101 is all about.


Who is this site for?


The auto repair tips featured here are intended for automotive mechanics and technicians.

Whether you're working as an entry level mechanic - or - a seasoned professional with years of experience, we're sure you'll find something here that will make your job easier.  If you understand cars and enjoy sharing tips and techniques with other like minded car repair enthusiasts, then this site is for you.


Tips per MinuteWhat are TPM's?

Tips per minute.  Yes, we just made that up!  The goal is a site that loads fast and allows a higher number of tips per minute.   While this site has the potential of delivering a high rate of TPM's, we're just getting started here.  We urge you to save this site to your favorites and check back often for the latest auto repair tips.